Comparative study on surgical outcomes of single incisional laparoscopic right colectomy versus conventional laparoscopic right colectomy: P109

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Aim:This study aimed to investigate our initial experiences of single incisional laparoscopic right colectomy (SILRC) comparing with conventional laparoscopic right colectomy (CLRC) for cancers performed by a single expert in a single institute.Method:Twenty patients of each group between August 2009 and April 2010 with 1:1 matching for age, sex and body mass index (BMI) were analyzed. The demographic data, perioperative factors, oncologic-related factors, and early clinical outcomes were assessed. All SILRC was performed through 3 cm transumbilical incision without additional trocars.Results:The amount of intravenous analgesia was significantly less in CLRC (P = 0.002) and oral analgesia was no different (P = 0.572). Between two groups, there was no difference in operating time (P = 0.279), number of harvested lymph nodes (P = 0.694), length of resection margin (proximal, P = 0.881; distal, P = 0.284), and complications (P = 0.106). SILRC group started a diet on3.25 ± 0.7 days and discharged on 8.7 ± 5 days and on 3 ± 1 and on 7 ± 1 in CLRC (P = 0.718 and P = 0.637) postoperatively. There was no conversion to open surgery and no postoperative 30day mortality in either group.Conclusion:SILRC is safe and feasible alternative to CLRC with superior cosmetic outcome. Further large scaleprospective randomized studies are warranted to evaluate the role of SILRC.

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