Complications of elective versus emergency stoma - is there a difference?: P066

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Aim:To compare stoma complications in emergency versus elective group of patients.Method:Data collected from hospital colorectal database between 2004 and 2009. Sub-analysis was performed for emergency and elective stoma formation.Results:Of the 219 patients identified, 128 underwent elective and 91 emergency stoma formation. M: F ratio was 76:52 (elective) and 41:50 (emergency). Mean age in elective was 65.2 (range 18- 93 years) and 65.0 (23-94 years) in emergency group. The overall complication rate was 23.4% (30/ 128) in elective compared to 19.8% (18/91) in emergency (P > 0.05). Complications included parastomal hernia (8.6% vs 9.9%), excoriation (4.7% vs 3.3%),prolapse (3% vs 0%), infection (0.8% vs 2.2%) necrosis (0% vs 2.2%), and retraction (0.8% vs 1.1%) in elective and emergency groups respectively. The complication rates were similar in ileostomy (elective-24.6% vs emergency-26.7%) and colostomy (elective-19% vs emergency-16.4%). Men (14.6%) had significantly less complications than women (24%) in the emergency group but no difference in elective group (25% and 21.2% respectively). Mortality rate in emergency (24/91, 26.4%) was significantly greater than in elective (8/ 128, 6.3%; P ≤0.05).Conclusion:The overall stoma related complications in emergency group are comparable to those of elective group. Age and type of stoma have no effect but males in emergency group have significantly less complications. However, the mortality rate is higher in emergency group.

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