Doppler guided hemorrhoidal artery ligation and recto-anal repair (DG-HAL & RAR) for treatment of internal hemorrhoids: 2 Year results: P175

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Aim:To evaluate the 2 year results of DG-HAL & RAR for grade II-IV hemorrhoid patients including complications and satisfaction.Method:Ninety-four patients who underwent the DG-HAL & RAR from October 2007 to February 2010 were analyzed retrospectively. And we have recently interviewed all patients over the telephone.Results:Of 94 patients, 62 were male and 32 were female. 10 patients had Grade II, 68 had Grade III and 16 had Grade IV internal hemorrhoids. The mean age was 50.8 ± 13 (22 ± 87) years, the mean follow-up was 437 ± 309 days, mean operation time was 34 min and the mean hospital stay was1.6 days. After surgery, the mean duration of the patients return to daily life was 2.3 ± 2.0 days. The mean pain score decreased from 2.4 (0 ± 10) at 2 hours postoperatively to 0.8 (0 ± 7) on the seventh postoperative day. Postoperative complaints were tenesmus (40%), minor bleeding (16%), and voiding difficulty (3%) but no one had a significant complication. 21 patients (22.3%) had recurrence ofprolapse. The mean operation satisfaction score was 7.4 (0 ± 10). 78% of patients recommended this operation.Conclusion:DG-HAL & RAR is a safe, minimally painful and satisfyingprocedure. However, comparative studies with otherprocedures and long-term follow-up are required to evaluate recurrence.

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