Early experience with external hemipelvectomy forprimary advanced and recurrent pelvic carcinomas: OP11

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Aim:To report eight cases of highly selected patients undergoing EHP because of carcinoma infiltration into the lumbo-sacral neural plexus.Method:All patients were evaluated with PET/CT, CT, and MR. There was no evidence of disseminated disease and the patients were discussed at an MDT conference. Operations were performed by a colorectal surgeon and an orthopedic sarcoma surgeon and if needed a urologist, and a vascular surgeon. Patients were reconstructed with either a femoral or a gluteal flap.Results:All patients were women. Median age was 54.5 years (range 40-68). R0 was possible in seven patients and R1 resection in one. Median duration of hospital stay was 29.5 days (range 17- 102). Median follow-up was 8.3 months (range 4.7-52.8). Three patients have died. One was due to complications 5 months postoperatively. In two patients due to recurrence 5 months and 52.8 months after operation, respectively. Phantom-limb was experienced in six patients. Two patients experienced an abscess. Four of the patients received aprosthesis, one patient is considering surgery, and one patient declined an opertion. Two patients were not candidates.Conclusion:Hemipelvectomy may be considered for a highly selected group of patients with local advanced carcinomas or recurrence infiltrating into the lumbo-sacral neural plexus.

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