Factors affecting weekend discharge following elective colorectal surgery: LTP15

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Aim:Hospital discharge rates are thought to be lower at weekends than weekdays. Potential factors for this observation were studied.Method:Consecutive data for all major elective colorectalprocedures wereprospectively collected from three surgeons in a busy district general hospital over a 3 year period. Demographics,preoperative anaerobic threshold, ASA grade, type of operation performed, use of stoma, duration of in-patient stay and day of operation and discharge were carefully recorded. Data were analysed using the Chi-square test and multifactorial regression analysis (P < 0.05 was significant).Results:There were 295 patients; day of discharge was as follows - Monday (23%), Tuesday (20%), Wednesday (19%), Thursday (11%), Friday (14%), Saturday (7%), Sunday (4%). Patients were less likely to be discharged on weekends when compared with weekdays (11% vs 89%, P = 0.001). Age (P = 0.66), gender (P = 0.34), anaerobic threshold (P = 0.38), ASA grade (P = 0.77), duration of inpatient stay (P = 0.15) and use of stoma (P = 0.55) were not associated with a greater likelihood of a weekday discharge.Conclusion:Patients are less likely to be discharged on weekends. None of the factors studied in our patients are responsible for this observation. Physicians may be responsible for a low rate of discharge of patients on weekends.

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