Improving training opportunities for European colorectal trainees: P052

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Aim:Across Europe, the European Working Time Directive has reduced surgical training opportunities by reducing trainee availability. A business meeting was introduced to maximise trainee participation and improve training opportunities within a colorectal surgical department, and the success of this meeting audited.Method:Data was collected from colorectal operative and endoscopy theatre registers for February 2009 and 2010 (before and after introduction of the meeting). The training grades of thosepresent were recorded.Results:A senior trainee attended 12/23 (52%) operative lists in February 2009, and 19/26 (73%) in 2010 (P = 0.15). Junior trainees attended 8 (35%) of these lists in 2009, and 12 (46%) in 2010 (P = 0.56). Of the surgical endoscopy lists performed, a senior trainee attended 8 of 16 (50%) in February 2009, and 12 of 23 (52%) in 2010. Junior trainees did not attend.Conclusion:The simple introduction of a meeting designed to better co-ordinate colorectal trainees, led to a 20% significant improvement in senior trainee participation in operative training opportunities. Although there was little improvement in attendance of senior trainees at endoscopy, or junior trainees in theatre or endoscopy, this audit has identified an area which can now be addressed.

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