Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and colorectal cancer (CRC): a meta-analysis: LTP11

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Aim:The study aimed to compare the characteristics and oncological outcome of CRC in patients with IBD and without IBD.Method:A literature search was performed between 1965-2009 to identify studies comparing CRC in patients with and without IBD (controls).Results:Fifteen retrospective studies between 1965-2009 matched the selection criteria. They included 287 804 patients of whom 1557 had IBD. Males were moreprevalent in the IBD group (OR = 1.48, P = 0.02). In ulcerative colitis (UC) theprevalence of synchronous (OR = 5.49, P = 0.0002) and right-sided cancers (OR = 1.84, P = 0.07) was greater; it was less in rectal cancer (OR = 0.57, P = 0.03) compared with the non-IBD patients. There was no significant difference in theprevalence of poorly differentiated (P > 0.48) or advanced stage (Dukes' C and D; P > 0.27) cancers nor in the 5-year survival (HR = 0.80, P = 0.21) in UC and non-IBD patients.Conclusion:Male gender was moreprevalent in IBD cancers. UC patientspresent more often with cancers at multiple colon sites and are moreprevalent in the right colon. There were no other statistically significant differences between UC and non-IBD cancers.

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