Irritable bowel syndrome treated with sacral nerve stimulation. Results after 1 year: P014

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Aim:To determine the effect of sacral nerve stimulation in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).Method:Symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and disease specific quality of life were evaluated before and during a 3 week percutaneous sacral nerve evaluation test (PNE) and at one year follow up.Results:PNE was performed in twenty three women and two men, median age 39 (range 20-69) years. The IBS-symptom score decreased from 58 to 34 (P < 0.001). The IBS-quality of life score decreased from 121 to 72 (P < 0.001). Twenty-one patients (84%) fulfilled the criteria for implantation with permanent stimulator. Thirteen patients have been implanted and of those seven were eligible for 1 year follow up. Mean IBS-symptom score and quality of life score was 35 and 77 after 1 year respectively. This is not significantly different from the evaluation during PNE.Conclusion:Sacral nerve stimulationprovides significant reduction in IBS symptoms and improves IBS related quality of life which seems to be maintained over the first year. Further studies with permanent implantation and double-blind crossover ON-and-OFF stimulation to evaluate the impact of placebo effect is ongoing.

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