Laparoendoscopic single site surgery (LESS): our experience of setting up a safe service: P071

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Aim:The application of LESS is expanding. Its feasibility for routine laparoscopicprocedures is recognised but a safe and efficient introduction into a surgical service is vital to ensure continuing validation and evolution of this new technique.Method:A LESSproject workforce was set up to identify the key steps to initiating safepractice. This comprised a consultant lead, specialty coordinator, LESS advisor and theatre and management leads. The steps defined were (1) identifying the centres offering LESS routinely and initiating an open advice/support network (2) attending approved LESS workshop in the UK and animal based workshops in Europe to ensure familiarity with theprocedure (3) cost analysis and effectiveness (4) ethical evaluation and consentprocess (5) setting up aprospective database for data collection (6) audit and validation.Results:We have successfully set up our LESS service in our institution and are in theprocess of evaluating data from our first cases. We have performed 16 LESSprocedures (eight appendicectomies, two TEPP inguinal hernia repairs, five cholecystectomies, one laparoscopy) without complications to date.Conclusion:By utilising a muti-disciplinary approach and following a step-by-step pathway we have ensured a safe introduction of LESS into our surgical service.

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