Laparoscopic versus transverse incision right colectomy for colon carcinoma: LTP66

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Aim:To investigate if laparoscopic right colectomy has advantages when compared to a transverse incision.Method:Patient who underwent a laparoscopic or an open right colectomy through a transverse incision in the VU University medical center or Zaans medical center from 2005 until 2009 wereprospectively followed.Results:Patient groups were comparable in terms of age, gender, BMI and ASA classification. Laparoscopicprocedures were shorter (155 min vs 77 min, P < 0.001) with less blood loss (60 ml vs 130 ml, P = 0.001). Eight percent of patients in the laparoscopic group required a conversion. Hospital stay for the laparoscopic group was shorter (8 days vs 9 days, P = 0.04). Postoperative complications were comparable (28% vs 32%, P = 0.74). In both groups a radical resection rate of 96% was achieved (P = 0.94). At a median follow-up of 20 months the incidence of incisional hernias was similar. Overall survival at 60 months was 70% for the laparoscopic group and 67% for the transverse incision group (P = 0.84).Conclusion:Thepresent study may be the first in describing laparoscopy versus transeverse incision right colectomy. Postoperative complication rates and survival are comparable for both groups without clinically relevant differences. A randomized trial looking at non-inferiority of open right colectomy through a transverse incision is needed.

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