Long-term results of limited excision for pilonidal sinus: less is more: F27

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Aim:Wide excision of pilonidal sinus with secondary healing is associated with a long time off work owing to high morbidity. Limited excision is an alternative approach. The long term results of this treatment is described in 202 patients between 2001 and 2009.Method:Limited excision consisted of a selective removal of the sinus after outrlining the track with methylene blue.Results:At a median follow up of 4.5 years the overall recurrence rate was 7%. The median time off work was 8 days and the median time to wound healing was 4 weeks. The percentage of limited excisions performed in local anaesthesia increased from 52% to 90%. Theproportion of patients treated as an outpatient increased from 63% to 90%.Conclusion:At a follow up of 4.5 years limited excision for pilonidal sinus in an outpatient setting under local anaesthesia resulted in a low recurrence rate and short time off work.

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