Long term success of fibrin glue in the treatment of perianal fistulae - a multicenter study: P190

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Aim:To assess the long term outcome of utilising fibrin glue in the treatment of this disease.Method:A chart review and telephone interview of patients who underwent fibrin glue instillation for complex cryptogenic fistulae had successful healing and 6 months follow up was undertaken to establish long term follow up.Results:Sixty patients participated in the initial trial of which 32 were considered successful at 6 months. We have managed to locate 23 (72%) of those patients. At a mean follow up of 6.5 years, 17 (74%) patients remained disease free, 6 (26%) patients had variable degree of recurrence, four of which needed further surgical intervention. Recurrent disease occurred at an average of 4.1 years from surgery and on several occasions was at a different location in the perianal region. None of the patients suffered from incontinence.Conclusion:Short term success of fibrin glue in the treatment cryptogenic perianal fistulae ispredictive of long term healing but a quarter may develop recurrent symptoms in the long run. Injection of fibrin glue remains a safe, simple and durableprocedure and maypreclude extensive surgery.

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