Postoperative results after loop ileostomy closure: LTP56

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Aim:The aim of this study was to review the morbidity rate, postoperative hospital stay, type of operation, the frequency of re-operations after loop ileostomy closure. Influence of time interval between formation and closure of loop ileostomy to morbidity rate was also assessed.Method:Retrospective analysis of 218 patients, who were treated in Department of Surgery, Kaunas University of Medicine Hospital from 2001 to 2006. All patients underwent ileostomy closure.Results:The average time between the first and ileostomy closure operation was 14 weeks (1.5-72), hospital stay was 7 days (1-34). The spout was re-everted and the opening was sutured transversely in 134 (61%) patients, 84 (39%) patients required small bowel resection and anastomosis formation. Postoperative complications developed in 36 (17%) cases, 10 (4.6%) re-operations, with no postoperative mortality. We found statistically significant difference in period of time between first and second operation comparing groups of patients with and without postoperative morbidity (18 weeks vs 13 weeks, P < 0.05).Conclusion:Postoperative morbidity after loop ileostomy closure is quite high, but re-operations are rarely needed and the mortality rate is low. Patients who underwent ileostomy closure after a longer period of time, developed postoperative complications more often.

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