Prognostic value of serrated component in colorectal polyps transformation: P148

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Aim:Polyps growing in size and number, thepresence of villous component or high grade dysplasia increase the colorectal cancer risk.Method:To evaluate theprognostic value of epithelium serratedproliferation for 349 patients with colorectal polyps over 5 years with the help of Kaplan-Meier method.Results:The transformation risk of hyperplastic polyp into tubular adenomas - 20%; developing of villous component 5% for small hyperplastic polyp and 10% for small tubular adenomas; high grade dysplasia reaches 7% within 12 months in small tubular adenomas. Relative cumulative cancer risk reached 5% within 2 months and 50% after 25 months in medium tubulovillous and villous adenomas; and 3.5% by the end of 8 months period and remained the same during next 32 months in medium tubular adenomas. Retrospective histological assessment revealed thepresence of serratedproliferation epithelium focuses at least in one adenoma in 14 of 30 patients (46.6%) with high transformation rate.Conclusion:Thepresence of serrated component even in one adenoma is an unfavorable high rate factor for adenoma transforming into colorectal cancer.

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