Quality of life following laparoscopic ventral rectal (colpo) pexy: LTP51

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Aim:For the treatment of recto-enterocele and rectalprolapse, laparoscopic ventral rectal (colpo) pexy (LVP) is safe and with good results. However, quality of life has barely been investigated.Method:Validated Quality of Life (QoL) (EQ-5D, EQ-VAS) and functional [ODS-score and colorectal functional outcome (COREFO)] questionnaires were sent to all eligible patients who had undergone LVP. Differences were compared between patients and a sex-and age-matched sample of healthy persons.Results:From December 2003 till December 2009, 41 patients underwent LVP. Median operation time was 110 min. In one case a conversion was necessary (2.4%). Median hospital stay was 6 days. There was no mortality, only in four (9.7%) patients there was mild morbidity. The recurrence rate was one (2.4%). Of the 41 patients, four patients (9.8%) died unrelated. Of the remaining 37 patients, 27 patients (73%; 13% male; median age 60 years) returned the questionnaires. QoL after LVP was significantly lower compared to the general population (EQ-5D and EQ-VAS, both P < 0.05) and was not correlated with the functional outcome, according to ODS and COREFO.Conclusion:LVP is a safeprocedure, however long term outcome is not satisfying. Prospectively comparing to other treatment modalities is the natural next step to evaluate long term QoL after LVP.

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