Radiowave ablation and mucosal plication technique for rectal mucosalprolapse: P163

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Aim:We report a novel technique of radiowave ablation and circumferential plication of the rectal mucosa as a treatment for rectal mucosalprolapse that is performed as a day care surgery.Method:Radiowave ablation is performed using an Ellman radiowave generator. Mean hospital stay, postoperative pain, complications,time to return to work and effectiveness of theprocedure were recorded.Results:Two hundred and four patients were operated over a period of 5 years and followed up for at least 3 years. The mean operation time was 7 min (range 6-10 min). The mean time until first bowel movement was 24 hours. The time to return to normal daily activity was 7-10 days. Complete wound healing was achieved in 14 days in 98% of patients. Late complications included anal skin tags, anal papillae and recurrence in 2% of patients.Conclusion:Theprocedure of radiowave ablation and plication of the rectal mucosa is a safe, effective, and swift technique. It can beproposed as a better alternative to conventional surgicalprocedures for rectal mucosalprolapse.

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