A randomized, controlled study of biofeedback and dextranomere (Solesta) injection for treatment of anal incontinence: B6

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Aim:The study compared the anal injection of dextranomere (Solestra), with biofeedback treatment in women with incontinence due to an anal sphincter defect resulting from vaginal delivery.Method:Patients with incontinence were randomied either to biofeedback treatment or to the submucosal injections of dextranomere into the anal canal just above the dentate line. Incontinence was graded by the St. Mark's (Vaizey) score. The results are given as mean with 95% confidence interval. The duration of follow-up was six months after the start of treatment.Results:There were 125 patients of whom 117 completed six months follow-up., The continence score fell from 12.6 (11.2-13.9) to 9.1(7.5-10.6) (P < 0. 05) In the biofeedback group and from 12.9 (11.8-14.0) to 8.8(7.6-10.1) (P < 0.05) In the anal injection group., There was no difference between the groups.Conclusion:Biofeedback and anal injections seem to be equally effective in treating anal incontinence. Inontinence scores were still high after treatment.

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