Result of delayed sphincteroplasty in 87 incontinent patients after traumatic normal vaginal delivery: P173

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Aim:High grade traumatic normal vaginal delivery (NVD) is associated with stool incontinence if immediate repair can not be done successfully.Method:We reviewed the results of delayed sphincteroplasty in 87 patients with faecal incontinence due to traumatic NVD who were referred 2 months to 10 years post injury to our tertiary colorectal centre from 2005 to 2010. Anal manometry and endoanal sonography was performedpreoperatively to confirm sphincter damage. All patients underwent overlapping sphincteroplasty and commenced biofeedback therapy 2 months after surgery. Patients were followed up at 1 year using clinical scoring, manometry and endoanal sonography.Results:Patients had a mean age of was 31 years (range 20-49) and a Wexner score of 12-20. Eighty-three of 87 (95%) reported an improvement in continence with a Wexner score of 0-6. Four patients had no change in continence. There were five postoperative complications (one wound infection and four cases of urinary retention).Conclusion:Sphincteroplasty is successful in patients with traumatic NVD even after 10 years.

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