A retrospective study comparing classic haemorrhoidectomy (Ferguson Technique) with Ligasure TM haemorrhoidectomy: P185

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Aim:To compare the results obtained by the two techniques.Method:Retrospective analysis of clinical notes of all patients submitted to haemorrhoidectomy at our hospital between 1st of January 2006 and 31th of December 2009 were analyzed using SPSS for Windows (version 17.0).Results:We analyzed 117 patients: 70 submitted to LigasureTM haemorrhoidectomy and 47 submitted to Ferguson haemorrhoidectomy. LigasureTM haemorrhoidectomy had less percentage of patients with late complications, 6.4% vs 20% (P < 0.001), less operating time, 20 min vs 40 min (P < 0.001) and also less length of stay in hospital, 4 (3-4) vs 4 (3-5) (P = 0.047) Median (25th percentile-75th percentile). We also observed that patients submitted to LigasureTM haemorrhoi-dectomy had less postoperative pain although this was not statistically significant, 2 (2-3) vs 2 (2-4) (P = 0.140) Median (25th percentile-75th percentile).Conclusion:LigasureTM haemorrhoidectomy is an easy, safe and quick alternative to the classic closed Ferguson haemorrhoidectomy.

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