Sacral nerve modulation in the treatment of faecal incontinence following repair of rectalprolapse: P186

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Aim:To evaluate the role of sacral nerve modulation (SNM) as a treatment for thisproblem.Method:The medical records of 11 patients (median age, 59 years) were retrospectively analyzed. All the patients had been treated for FI by SNM following transabdominal or transanal repair of rectalprolapse. After a median history of 36 months postoperatively, patients complained about FI (median Cleveland Incontinence Score = 15) and SNM wasproposed. The effect of SNM on the Cleveland score and on the quality of life (QOL) scoring system of the ASCRS was evaluated.Results:Nine of 11 patients reported an improvement of FI during the screening period andproceeded to a permanent implant. After a median follow up of 36 months, FI scores dropped from a median of 15preoperatively to a median of five in all implanted patients (P < 0.01). QOL analysis for these patients showed significant improvement in all 4 domains (P < 0.01).Conclusion:SNM has shown a positive effect on the treatment of FI after surgical repair of rectalprolapse.

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