Serum amyloidprotein A is a usefulpredictor for metastatic lymph node in colorectal cancer: P151

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Aim:Thisprospective clinical study aims to examine theprecise association between the SAA level and lymphatic metastasis in colorectal cancer and assess the diagnostic value of SAA.Method:Prospectively enrolled colorectal cancer patients at West China Hospital of Sichuan University from Feb. 2008 to Jul. 2009. Preoperative plasma levels of SAA were examined in patients who underwent surgery for colorectal cancer, to identify metastatic or inflammatory lymph node. The results of thepreoperative diagnosis by SAA were compared to the pathologic findings.Results:Sixty-one patients with SAA were examined in this study. Contriving the ROC curve for metastatic lymph nodes colorectal cancer, the area under the curve of SAA (AZ= 0.686) had statistical significance (P = 0.012). The best cut-off value of SAA was 5.2 mg/l for lymph node metastasis with the sensitivity of 62.5%, specificity of 65.5% and accuracy of 63.9%. And the KAPPA analysis suggested that SAA (SAA > 5.2 mg/l as positive patient) had significant diagnostic agreement (P = 0.015).Conclusion:The SAA could be a usefulpredictor for metastatic lymph nodes, and the diagnosis by SAA for lymph nodes metastases was effective. The best cut-off value was recommended as 5.2 mg/l.

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