SHO (CT2) training experience - then and now (72vs48 hour working week): P048

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Aim:Current surgical consultants worked approximately 72 hours per week as an SHO and were in training for at least 3 years before obtaining registrar grade. Current trainees now work a maximum 48 hours and are expected to obtain registrar grade after 2 years at SHO level.Method:Logbook records were analysed for index operations performed by two SHOs in the final 9 months of their Basic Surgical Training: SHO1 in 1995 (1-in-4 on callprospective rota) and SHO2 in 2009 (48 hours full shift rota).Results:Sho1 performed 351 operations independently and performed supervised/assisted in 116 operations, compared to 25 operations performed and 96 performed supervised/assisted by SHO2. Old-fashioned training on 1-in-4 on call rotaprovided a fourfold increase in exposure to index operations and surgical experience than a 48 hours full shift pattern.Conclusion:There is a shift to moreprocedures being performed under supervision, which reflects improvement in quality of training. The SHOs of today will need to work the equivalent of 12 years before they achieve the same level of experience as theirpredecessors before reaching registrar grade. Focused training alone may not compensate for the reduction in exposure to the variety of cases.

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