Single port laparoscopic radical ‘medial to lateral’ right hemicolectomy is not only feasible, but also safe and effective: P093

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Aim:Laparoscopic colorectal surgery (LCS) is an established technique for right hemicolectomy. More recently a single port approach performed through a single incision ≤ 3 cm at the umbilicus has been shown to be feasible. This study aims to assess its safety and efficacy when used as the strategy for performing right sided colonic resection.Method:Between December 2009 and April 2010 single port surgery was used in place of LCS for radical medial to lateral right hemicolectomy by a single surgeon. Histology, length of hospital stay, complications, conversions and readmissions were recorded.Results:Seven cases were undertaken, six for malignant disease of which one was Dukes stage A, four Dukes B and one Dukes C. There was one ileocaecectomy for crohn's disease. Mean operative time was 130 min (range 90-150). Median length of hospital stay was 4 days (range 2-6). Mean number of lymph nodes excised was 17.50 (range 9-28). There were no conversions, no complications and no readmissions.Conclusion:These data confirm the feasibility of the technique. Furthermore they suggest that it is safe (no complications) and efficacious (accelerated discharge and sufficient lymphadenectomy). Comparative trials are required with both LCS and open surgery.

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