Staging of screen detected colorectal cancers(CRC) - Analysis of first year screening results from North Staffordshire Bowel Cancer Screening Centre: P139

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Aim:Bowel cancer screening aims to detect colorectal cancers (CRC) at an early stage when treatment is most likely to be effective. This study aims to analyse the Duke's staging of the screen detected CRC resected in the first year of screening (Sep 2008-Aug 2009) at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire.Method:Four hundred and four patients attended the nurse led screening clinic following positive FOB test and 39 CRC were diagnosed among them. Vast majority of these colonic lesions were left sided accounting for 79.4%, while 15.4% were right sided and 5.2% were in the transverse colon.Results:Among the 39 screen detected CRC, 15.3% were cancers within a polyp and removed endoscopically, 25.6% were Duke's A, 23% Duke's B and 36% Duke's C. No patient had distant metastasis at the time of diagnosis.Conclusion:Although bowel cancer screening aims to detect CRC at an early stage 36% of the screen detected cancers in our centre were reported to be Duke's C which is similar in comparison to non screening population. This may be population based and we need larger numbers to conclude this comparison.

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