Survival difference between right and left colon cancer: seventeen years of experience at a single institution: P126

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Aim:Recently right colon cancer is increasing in frequency compared with left. The aim of this study was to clarify the clinical difference between right and left colon cancers.Method:Our database identified 1517 patients with colon cancer who underwent curative operation in our institute between 1990 and 2006. Patients with transverse colon cancer were excluded from this study. The ceacum and the ascending colon were defined as the right colon. The descending, sigmoid and the rectosigmoid colon were defined as the left colon.Results:One thousand and five patients could be analyzed, including 341 patients with the right colon cancer, and 664 with left. Median age was 65 (range 23-94) years, and the median follow-up was 64 (range 12-218) months. The pathological stage was as follows: stage I; 328, II; 342, III; 335. 112 patients developed recurrences (R; 41, L; 71). There was no significant difference in the sites of metastasis (P = 0.243). The 5-year disease free survival rate for right and left colon cancer was 89.2% and 87.6% (P = 0.407). The 5-year overall survival rate was 91.7% and 94.6%, respectively (P = 0.002).Conclusion:Patients with right colon cancers have a significantly worseprognosis than left sided cancers.

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