Sutureless compression anstomossis CAR 27 in colon and rectum: results in 46 patients: F34

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Aim:Because of advantages of sutureless compression anastomisis AKA2 in over 400 patients, the new compression anastomotic CAR 27 technique was applied in consecutive patients. The essential part of the CAR 27 cartridge are leafs consisting of nitinol, whichprovide continouspressure due to itsproperties of shape memory and superelasticity. The endpoint of the trial was the leakage rate.Method:The indications in 46 patients (mean age 61.4 years) included sigmoid diverticulitis(22), cancer of the sigmiod (12), rectosigmoid(2) descending colon (3) and the rectum(4). Nineteenprocedures were carried out laparoscopically. There were 33 sigmoid resections, 10 low anterior resections and three left colectomies. A CT scan was performed in symptomatic patients only. The anastomosis was done using a double stapling technique.Results:There was one case of anastomotic leakage LAR and one reoperation for bleeding. Four patients were reoperated on for reasons unrelated to the CAR 27 anstomosis. No patient died.Conclusion:The CAR 27 device is safe. The low leakage rate in this study supports the advantages of sutureless and compression anstomosis, which had been demonstrated in clinical and animal studies.

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