TIES, transcutaneous implant evacuation system - apreliminary report: LTP61

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Aim:Several attempts to construct a mechanic continent stoma have been performed without success. A system based on a titanium implant has been developed in an animal model. Transcutaneous Implant Evacutaion System (TIES) has now been tested in humans.Method:The implant contains a titanium cylinder partly constructed as a mesh and a lid. This construction will allow the intestine and subcutaneous tissue to grow into the device. The first patients have suffered from defunctioned pouches or have had skinproblems around the stoma. Creation of a permanent stoma after the initial abdominal part of surgery has included implantation of the device behind the external fascia and diverting the ileum throughout the device.Results:Four patients with IBD have been operated on. Primary operation has been uncomplicated. Ingrowth of skin to the implant has been delayed in one case and one patient hadproblems of healing between intestine and device. In those cases minor surgical corrections were necessary. No local infections have occurred.Conclusion:The TIES system seems to be an opportunity to create a continent stoma. The first four patients showed positive result. Construction of the lid must be improved for convenience. Larger trials must be performed.

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