Transcutaneous electrical sacral nerve stimulation (TENS) for urge and faecal incontinence: LTP86

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Aim:This was aprospective study to assess TENS as an alternative to sacral nerve stimulation in the management of urge and faecal incontinence. This study also estimated the cost savings compared to sacral nerve stimulation.Method:Twelve patients wereprospectively studied for a period of 1 year. We used a Vaizey incontinence score for objective assessment. Subjective assessment of improved quality of life and patient satisfaction were collated through a feedback questionnaire.Results:Ten patients successfully completed the TENS treatment. Overall satisfaction was 80%. Sixty percent of patients had an excellent response and subjective improvement in quality of life-most notably those with urgency. Fifty percent demonstrated an objective improvement in their Vaizey incontinence score. The cost of TENS treatment is approximately £30 (€35) as compared to approximately £14 000 (€16 300) for sacral nerve stimulation.Conclusion:TENS is an innovative, simple and cost effective alternative to Sacral Nerve Stimulation in the management of urge and faecal incontinence. TENS may identify those patients who ultimately would respond to SNS foregoing the need for a temporary wire.

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