Is urinary drainage necessary after fast-track colonic resection with thoracic epidural analgesia? Aprospective study.: F30

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Aim:In fast-track surgery, removing the bladder catheter at the end of the surgicalprocedure is associated with a low risk of postoperative urinary retention (POUR).Method:With the agreement of the ethical committee, 57 patients scheduled for colonic resection and enhanced recovery having thoracic epidural analgesia were included. The bladder catheter was removed at the end of the operation. The incidence of POUR, the incidence of urinary infection, the time to first ambulation, the maximum walking distance (D1) and the patient satisfaction were all determined.Results:The incidence of POUR was 21% (n = 12). All thepre-and postoperative variables were comparable between the patientspresenting POUR or not (age: 61 ± 14 vs 57 ± 13 years; sex F/M: 6/6 vs 21/24; urinary infection 0% vs 4%, hospital discharge after day 3: 0% vs 7%, satisfaction score: 8.7/10 ± 1.3 vs 8.9/10 ± 2) (P > 0.05).Conclusion:A moderate incidence of POUR and a low incidence of urinary infections were observed. No correlation between POUR and a worse outcome was found. Colonic resection and thoracic epidural analgesia are not absolute indications for urethral catheterisation postopertively.

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