Vascular anatomy of right colon: P107

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Aim:To evaluate common pattern of 3-dimensional vascular structure around SMA and SMV.Method:During laparoscopic surgery for ascending or transverse colon cancer, all vessels around main vascular trunks were skeletonized and we analyzed vascular patterns of 112 patients.Results:In 87 candidates, ileocolic vessels were type A (ileocolic artery crossing SMV anteriorly) in 39 (44.8%) and type B in 48 (55.2%). In 90 patients, 35 (38.9%) had a RCA which crossed the SMV anteriorly in 29 (87.9%) and posteriorly in 4 (12.1%). In 78 patients, 72(92.3%) had a gastrocolic trunk (GCT) and the vascular composition of GCT showed five patterns (I: gastroepiploic vein (GEV), pancreatic vein(PV), right colic vein (RCV) in 45(65.2%); II:GEV, RCV in 16(23.2%); III:GEV, PV in 6(8.7%); IV: GEV,PV, MCV in 1(0.15%); V:GEV,RCV,MCV in 1(0.15%). In 88 candidates, 81 (92%) had only one MCA but 7 (8%) had two MCAs. In 89 patients, 81(92%) had only one MCV. Most of MCVs drained directly into SMV (77/79: 97.5%). In 76 patients, 60 (78.9%) had only one RCV and 14 (18.4%) had two RCVs.Conclusion:Our study showed that thepresence of RCA is relatively common. The MCV is not a component of the gastrocolic trunk in most patients. Further discussion about the implications of these variants is required.

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