‘Weekend Plan of Management’ improves quality of handover: P049

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Aim:The EWTD has led to the introduction of shift working on surgical wards with up to three handover sessions per 24 hours. Each handover session may lead to dilution of information and error. This may result in doctors reviewing patientspreviously unbeknown to them, especially during weekends. To streamline theprocess of weekend handover andproduce the most information in the least time, clinical summary with ‘weekend plan of management’ (WPM) was placed in the notes on fluorescent stickers by the team.Method:All doctors working the weekend shifts anonymously completed a questionnaire before and after the introduction of ‘WPM’ comparing patient information and treatment plan.Results:Eigty-five notes were reviewed before introduction of WPM and 63 afterwards. The percentage of notes containing adequate information on diagnosis, operation, oral intake, summary, activeproblems and weekend plan all improved after introduction of WPM. All doctors found the WPM useful and its use had increased efficiency of handover and ward rounds. The WPM aided 88% of doctors when reviewing patients.Conclusion:A simple, clearly visible ‘Weekend Plan of Management’ fluorescent sticker improves the quality of the weekend handover information and aids doctors when asked to review unfamiliar patients.

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