Future indications for sacral nerve stimulation

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AimThe aim of this article was to determine the effect of sacral nerve stimulation (SNS) on the treatment of faecal incontinence, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, mixed urinary and bowel disorders, spinal injury and neurodegenerative disease, pain syndromes, and sexual dysfunction.MethodA Medline search was performed including the keywords and/or MeSH headings of ‘sacral nerve stimulation’, ‘neuromodulation’, ‘artificial pacemaker’, ‘faecal incontinence’, ‘constipation’ and ‘anal pain’. Further studies were identified by cross-referencing from relevant articles and by appraisal of recent peer-reviewed conference abstracts and proceedings.ResultsSNS has been used for the treatment of urinary, bowel and sexual dysfunction, as well as pain resulting from such disorders, and dysfunction arising from nerve injury and degenerative disease. There is a paucity of high quality evidence to support the use of SNS for the majority of novel indications at present.ConclusionGood quality prospective, cross-over studies are required to determine the true benefits of SNS. Further research into patient selection, operative technique and stimulation parameters for existing indications will ensure a place for SNS in the future treatment algorithm of functional pelvic floor disorders.

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