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Diverticular disease in younger patients – is it clinically more complicated and related to obesity?
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Pelvic exenteration for recurrent squamous cell carcinoma of the pelvic organs arising from the cloaca – a single institution's experience over 16 years
Association between pretreatment haemoglobin levels and morphometric characteristics of the tumour, response to neoadjuvant treatment and long-term outcomes in patients with locally advanced rectal cancers
Enterocutaneous fistulae in familial adenomatous polyposis patients with abdominal desmoid disease
Variation in colorectal cancer treatment and survival: a cohort study covering the East Anglia region
Close collaboration between local and specialist multidisciplinary teams allows ‘fast-tracking’ of patients with colorectal liver metastases
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Comparison of the long-term outcome of two therapeutic strategies for the management of abdominal abscess complicating Crohn's disease: percutaneous drainage or immediate surgical treatment
Magnetic resonance enterography in Crohn's disease: a comparison with the findings at surgery
Dearterialization with mucopexy versus haemorrhoidectomy for grade III or IV haemorrhoids: short-term results of a double-blind randomized controlled trial
Compound muscle action potential of the external anal sphincter
CT scan-based modelling of anastomotic leak risk after colorectal surgery
Incidence and management of anastomotic bleeding after ileocolic anastomosis
Phantom rectum following abdominoperineal excision for rectal neoplasm: appearance and disappearance
Brachial plexopathy injury due to laparoscopic rectal surgery
Screening ability of faecal haemoglobin concentration for excluding colorectal diseases: statistical validity of the receiver operating characteristic curve analysis
Comment on Wille-Jφrgensen et al .: Result of the implementation of multidisciplinary teams in rectal cancer
The daily intake of Tadalafil 5 mg improves the symptoms of chronic anal fissure
Surgery for a large obstructive pelvic tumour associated with neurofibromatosis
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