Laparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy in male patients with internal or external rectal prolapse

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AimLaparoscopic ventral mesh rectopexy (LVMR) has been used to treat rectal prolapse, obstructed defaecation (OD), faecal incontinence (FI) and multicompartment pelvic floor dysfunction. Its value in treating men has been questioned. The aim of the present study was to assess the results in male patients.MethodA password-protected electronic database of all LVMRs carried out in North Bristol NHS trust & Spire hospital between 2002 and 2013 was examined. In addition to the clinical outcome, quality of life (QoL), Cleveland Clinic Incontinence Score (CCIS), obstructed defecation syndrome (ODS) score, visual analogue score (VAS) for the severity of bowel and urinary symptoms and the numerical rating scale (NRS) for pain and patient-reported outcome measures were evaluated.ResultsSixty-eight men of median age 35 years and body mass index 26 kg/m2 underwent LVMR for external rectal prolapse (18) or Grade III–V rectal intussusception (50) presenting with OD, FI and pelvic pain. Ten per cent had been labelled ‘chronic idiopathic pelvic pain’ and 60% had undergone previous haemorrhoidal surgery. Complications were minor and included urinary retention (10%). Eighty per cent of patients had an uncomplicated recovery with 24% being treated as day cases. There were no cases of impotence or retrograde ejaculation. Median follow-up was 42 (IQR 26–61) months. CCIS score improved from 4 (IQR 0–8) to 0 (IQR 0–0) (P < 0.001) and the ODS score from 18.5 (IQR 16–22) to 6 (IQR 5–8) (P < 0.001). Patients reported significant improvement in the NRS for pain and QoL (BBSQ-22) at 3 months (P = 0.000). The QoL and the VAS for bowel symptoms were maintained at 4 years. At the last follow-up 56 (82%) patients were asymptomatic and 6 (8.8%) had persisting symptoms. There was no case of recurrent external rectal prolapse.ConclusionLVMR is an effective treatment for external and symptomatic internal rectal prolapse in men, leading to significant improvement in QoL and function.

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