Lipomodelling for the management of symptomatic peristomal contour abnormalities: a pilot and feasibility study

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AimLipomodelling has been successfully used in reconstructive breast surgery but not yet in patients with permanent stomas.MethodA feasibility study of six patients with permanent stomas was undertaken. Patients underwent lipomodelling of the peristomal area. The number of leakages and quality of life were measured before and for 6 months after the procedure.ResultsAll patients reported an improvement in their stoma-related quality of life and a reduction in the number of leakages experienced (mean: 2.25 leakages/24 h before lipomodelling and 0.5 leakages/24 h after lipomodelling).ConclusionLipomodelling appears to be an effective method to reduce stoma leakages caused by peristomal skin contour abnormalities.

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