Spontaneous Ignition of Methane–Air Mixtures in a Wide Range of Pressures
Approximate Analytical Method for Calculating the Time Characteristics of Ignition of a Gas Mixture by a Heated Body
Some Phenomena During Flame Propagation in a Half-Open Channel with an Obstacle
Experimental Study of Ignition of a Gasoline–Air Mixture in a Constant—Volume Combustion Chamber
Aluminum Combustion in Nitrogen
Thermal Decomposition of 2,4-Dinitrobenzofuroxan and Some of Its Compounds with Metal Hydroxides
Ignition of an Aluminum Particle
Deformation Dynamics of a Reactive Medium During Gasless Combustion
Macrokinetics of Combustion of Monodisperse Agglomerates in the Flame of a Model Solid Propellant
Determination of Characteristics of Thin-Layer Thermoprotective Coatings by Solving Inverse Heat- and Mass-Transfer Problems
Autoignition Parameters and Detonation Critical Diameter of Hexanitromannite
Dynamic Topography of Silver Azide Pre-Explosion Luminescence
Polyvinylidene Fluoride Dynamic Pressure Gauge
Effect of the Velocity of a Single Flying Plate on the Protection Capability Against Obliquely Impacting Long-Rod Penetrators
Surface of a Titanium Target After Interaction with Shaped–Charge Jet Particles
Determination of Similarity of Explosives for a Model Experiment