A cadherin-based code for the divisions of the mouse basal ganglia
Modifications of gustatory nerve synapses onto nucleus of the solitary tract neurons induced by dietary sodium-restriction during development
Coexpression of the mu-opioid receptor splice variant MOR1C and the vesicular glutamate transporter 2 (VGLUT2) in rat central nervous system
Corpus callosum connections of subdivisions of motor and premotor cortex, and frontal eye field in a prosimian primate, Otolemur garnetti
Synaptogenesis in the cerebellar cortex: Differential regulation of gephyrin and GABAA receptors at somatic and dendritic synapses of Purkinje cells
Postnatal changes in the Rexed lamination and markers of nociceptive afferents in the superficial dorsal horn of the rat
Distribution of neurofilament proteins in the lateral geniculate nucleus, primary visual cortex, and area MT of adult Cebus monkeys
Visual, lateral line, and auditory ascending pathways to the dorsal telencephalic area through the rostrolateral region of the lateral preglomerular nucleus in cyprinids
Role of endogenous sleep-wake and analgesic systems in anesthesia
Dynorphin and stress-related peptides in rat locus coeruleus: Contribution of amygdalar efferents
Tetraspanin-5 (Tm4sf9) mRNA expression parallels neuronal maturation in the cerebellum of normal and L7En-2 transgenic mice