Fundamental principles for preparing psychology journal articles
A developmental study of the discrimination of letter-like forms
Maturation of pattern vision in infants during the first six months
Form generalization in the infant monkey
The formation of learning sets in young gorillas
Temporal factors in pattern discrimination by monkeys
Intersensory facilitation of learning sets in normal and brain operated monkeys
Effects of stimulus-response isolation on primate pattern discrimination learning
Visual discrimination of shape by Octopus
The response to previous discriminanda during the learning of a new problem
Delay-improved retention of a difficult task
Effects of social deprivation and satiation on verbal conditioning in children
Habit reversal in the pigeon
Concurrent conditioning of bar press and salivation responses
An attempt at classical conditioning in the planarian
Reactive inhibition in the paramecium
Successive acquisitions and extinctions of an instrumental response
Extinction and spontaneous recovery as a function of amount of training and extinction intertrial interval
Classical conditioning in the pigeon
Instrumental and goal responses in non-response partial reinforcement
The relative effects of forced reward and forced nonreward during widely spaced successive discrimination reversal
Partial-reinforcement extinction effect following different amounts of training
Extinction as a function of partial reinforcement and overtraining
Satiation of sensory reinforcement
Low-intensity auditory and visual stimuli as reinforcers for the mouse
A positive reinforcing effect of electrical stimulation
Secondary reinforcement as a suppressor of rate of responding in the free operant situation
The effects of drive intensity on secondary reinforcement
The effects of magnitude of water reward on selective learning and habit reversal
Runway performance following a reduction in the concentration of a liquid reward
The effect of incentive motivation on an unrelated reflex response
Food motivation and delayed response in gibbons
The effects of stimulus size and proximity upon avoidance of complex objects in rhesus monkeys
Lever holding and behavior sequences in shock-escape
Effects of variable versus fixed CS-US interval schedules upon avoidance responding
Effects of CS-US interval length upon avoidance responding
Acquisition and retention of acquired avoidance with gentling as reinforcement
Terminal retardation in activity gradients
The locus of maximal “Kamin effects” in rats
Control for stimulus change while testing effects of amobarbital on conflict
The effects of prior fear experiences on an approach-avoidance conflict
Effects of adrenal demedullation on retention of a conditioned avoidance response in the mouse
The effect of electroconvulsive shock on retention of a modified “one-trial” conditioned avoidance
Effects of lesions in the cingulum on maze learning and avoidance conditioning in the rat
Variation in environmental complexity and brain measures
Effects of preweaning and postweaning manipulations upon problem-solving behavior
Critical period for the facilitation of exploratory behavior by infantile experience
Activity decrements and recovery during repeated day to day exposure to the same environment
Differential responses of chimpanzees to social stimulation
Failure to induce retrieving by sensitization or the injection of prolactin
Activity during and between periods of stimulus change related to feeding
Some effects of maintenance luminance and strain differences upon self-exposure to light by rats
Taste preferences for sodium salts by adrenalectomized rats
The effects of unilateral lesions in sensorimotor cortex on manipulation by cats
Effects of exsanguination on sweating and skin potential responses
“Saccharin consumption under varied conditions of hunger drive”