The effect of prenatal and postnatal injections of testosterone propionate on prepuberal male guinea pig sexual behavior

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An attempt was made to induce sexual precocity in male guinea pigs by prenatal and postnatal injections of testosterone propionate. Experimental groups were: (a) oil injected controls, (b) injected daily postnatally with testosterone propionate, (c) treated by injecting mothers from the 10th day of pregnancy until parturition with testosterone propionate, (d) both pre- and postnatally treated. 3 or 4 mating tests were given each week to 27 Ss starting 9–12 days after birth and to 9 Ss starting 20 days after birth. Postnatally treated Ss exhibited intromission and ejaculation 3–6 days earlier and mounting approximately 15 days earlier than oil injected controls. Prenatal administration of testosterone propionate alone did not advance the appearance of sexual responses. Less sexual precocity was produced than is reported for androgen-treated rats. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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