Learning and retention of a visual conditioned response in neodecorticate rats

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This experiment is the 1st step undertaken to analyze the role of the cerebral cortex in avoidance behavior. A group of 20 normal and 2 groups of neodecorticate rats were trained in an avoidance CR to a light signal. One group of neodecorticate Ss was trained postoperatively (Group A, N = 10) and the other pre- and postoperatively (Group B, N = 20). In the latter, retention of the habit was also studied. Both groups of neodecorticate Ss showed a serious deficit in the learning of the CR (visual) as compared with normal Ss. Preoperatively trained Ss appeared to perform better than Ss trained postoperatively. The deficit of the performance of neodecorticate Ss in the CR are interpreted to be determined by the nature of the CS (visual) and by the nature of the CR (general motor response in free situation). (16 ref.) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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