MR Imaging of Liposarcomas: Correlation of MR Features and Histology

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The magnetic resonance (MR) imaging features of liposarcoma were correlated with histology in 15 patients. The MR findings for liposarcoma were not specific. The six myxoid liposarcomas and two atypical lipomatous tumors, however, had distinctive MR features, i.e., nodular masses of slightly heterogeneous intermediate to high signal intensity (SI), intermingled with high SI septa on T1-weighted images. The T2-weighted images demonstrated the relative reversal of these regional SI characteristics. Additionally, MR correctly identified the presence of fat in all eight cases in which it was pathologically present. The fat in two atypical lipomatous tumors was inseparable on MR from the subcutaneous fat. Magnetic resonance appears useful for preoperative staging and follow-up studies of liposarcomas. It may be helpful in identifying patients with myxoid liposarcoma and atypical lipomatous tumors who have longer survival times.

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