Calcifying Fibrous Pseudotumor of Pleura: Radiologic Features in Three Cases

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PurposeOur goal was to describe the radiologic features of calcifying fibrous pseudotumor (CFPT) of pleura.MethodChest radiographs and CT images of three patients, aged 23-34 years, with pathologically proven CFPT of pleura were reviewed with regard to lesion size, location, and appearance.ResultsChest radiographs showed well marginated, noncalcified pleural masses in all cases. Two patients had solitary masses and one had multifocal ipsilateral masses. All masses were located in the inferior aspect of the chest and measured 3-12 cm. All masses were calcified on CT. The calcifications were thick and band-like in two cases and punctate in one. There was no chest wall invasion, pleural effusion, or parenchymal disease.ConclusionCFPTs of pleura are rare lesions that manifest as calcified pleural masses in young adults.

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