Individual variation in organ histogenesis as a causative factor in the developmental origins of health and disease
Maternal dietary n-6/n-3 fatty acid ratio affects type 1 diabetes development in the offspring of non-obese diabetic mice
Prevalence and distribution of congenital abnormalities in Turkey
Diet with a low n-6/n-3 essential fatty acid ratio when started immediately after the onset of overt diabetes prolongs survival of type 1 diabetes model NOD mice
RNA silencing: functions and dysfunctions
Induction of Pluripotency by Defined Factors
Causes of birth defects: lessons from history
Drug safety in pregnancy - utopia or real possibility? Risk communication, risk research and lobby work in Teratology Information Services
Dysmorphology: the role of rare cases in deciphering mechanisms of human development
The value of the focused cohort study including a detailed physical examination in identifying new human teratogens
The Role of Reelin in cerebellar corticogenesis
Mechanisms underlying potential acquisition and induction of astrocyte differentiation in neural stem cells during development
Pathogenesis of congenital cytomegalovirus infection focusing on stem cells
Usp46 encoding a deubiquitinating enzyme is a quantitative trait gene regulating “behavioral despair” in mice
Primary cleft lip and palate-cheilorhinoplasty after PNAM treatment
Prenatal Diagnosis of Cleft Lip and Palate by Perinatal Ultrasonography
Alveolar bone grafting in treatment of cleft lip, alveolous and palate ˜Prognosis forecast of postoperative early stage of alveolar bone grafting˜
Recent advancement of distraction osteogenesis for the jaw deformity in cleft lip and palate
Teratogenicity in common drugs for autoimmune rheumatic diseases
Use of drugs for digestive system diseases in pregnant women and their influences on fetuses
Antihypertensive medication use during pregnancy
Non-clinical data review of drugs for connective tissue disease, digestive disease, and hypertension
Dysmorphology and congenital anomaly syndromes
Human Embryology - Normal and abnormal embryos from Kyoto Collection
Cytogenetic investigation of miscarriages by array comparative genomic hybridization
Elucidation of teratogenic mechanisms of immunosuppressant leflunomide in mice -Suggested mechanisms of Miller syndrome based on animal experiments-
The regulatory system in fetal development by maternal-fetal LIF-ACTH-LIF signaling pathway via the placenta
Prenatal diagnosis of congenital adrenal hyperplasia
Possible prenatal diagnosis of X-linked ichtyosis using measurement of maternal serum estriol
3D Sonographic Imaging of Fetal Amniotic Band Syndrome
Availability of maternal Toxoplasma screening with the use of IgG avidity and multiplex-nested PCR
Influenza vaccination for pregnant women may lead to schizophrenia in offspring
For the occurrence of Neural Tube Defects in Japan, is folate intake effective?
Attitudes toward trace nutrients and congenital anomalies (4th report)
Congenital heart defects in three cases with X-linked α thalassemia/mental retardation syndrome (ATR-X; MIM#301040)
Anomalies of semilunar valve and aortic arch in fetuses with cervical cystic hygroma and related abnormalities of the neck
Pregnancy outcome of women using loxoprofen sodium hydrate: A comparative study
Medical and social needs of families of patients with Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome
Construction of a scanning system for mutations/variations in three genes related to autistic spectrum disorder by PCR-High resolution melting analysis
Velopharyngeal insufficiency in oculo-auriculo-vertebral spectrum with or without cleft palate
Nasoalveolar molding therapy for cleft lip and palate in the National Center for Child Health and Development
Molecular genetic analysis of two Japanese Freeman-Sheldon syndrome cases
Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation prenatal diagnosis and outcomes of 24 cases
Five cases with congenital cytomegalovirus infection
Survey of pregnancy outcomes in women who used new quinolone antibiotics
The serum LDH level in patients with Down syndrome
Ontogenetic and morphological study on the gonad in the genetically-modified / sex reversal mouse of Ypos
Morphological changes of developing gonad in Sry transgenic XX male mouse
Wnt/β-catenin signaling as a master regulator for the differentiation of mouse embryonic keratinocytes
Epithelial cell rearrangement contributes to ureteral elongation in human and mouse embryos
Fetal jaw movement affects Indian hedgehog signaling in mandibular condylar cartilage development
Persistent artery in vitreous cavity accompanying ocular coloboma in RCS rats
Novel cataract mouse model using the ddY strain: behavioral analysis and changes in apoptosis and lens protein αB-crystallin
The effect of dietary n-6/n-3 ratio for the prevention of type 1 diabetes
Placental and fetal windows of the maternal-fetal LIF-ACTH-LIF signaling pathway during pregnancy
Infant Assessments in Pre and Post-Natal Developmental (PPND) Studies in Cynomolgus Monkeys
Hypothyroidism caused by phenobarbital affects the patterns of estrous cyclicity in rats
Galectin 1 in muscle formation and regeneration
Protein and peptide profiling of rat colostrum
Mouse embryonic stem cells inhibit mouse cytomegalovirus infection through a multi-step inhibitory process
Proteome analysis of the embryo proper and yolk sac membrane from single cultured postimplantation rat embryos
Normal axial skeletal development in the Hannover rat
Effects of time and duration of restricted feeding on abortion/ premature birth, fetal development and blood parameters in pregnant Japanese white rabbits
Comparison of reproductive and developmental parameters between Wistar Hannover rats and SD rats
Reproductive and developmental toxicity of industrial chemicals by inhalation exposure -Effects of 9 chemicals in rats-Okuda
Screening test for drugs and chemical compounds by cultured rat embryos
Comparison of male reproductive background data in Wistar Hannover rats between three breeders
Effects of phytoestrogen in a standard rodent diet on rat reproduction
Study on the detection of implantation sites with ammonium sulfide solution in rabbits
The Effect of Sodium Valproate on Cultured Rat Embryos in S-9mix
Staining technique for rabbit fetal skeletons after fixation with formalin
Usability of FA solution (Formalin/Acetic acid mixture) for preparation of fetal visceral examination
The study of oligodontia in suncus
Dynamic observation of the process of twinning embryo of medaka
Investigation of methods of anesthesitization and euthanasia for rabbit fetuses in developmental toxicity studies
Investigation of methods of anesthetization and euthanasia for rat fetuses in developmental toxicity studies
The change of EEG by theophylline administration in mice
Isoflavone aglycon induces developmental effects in early chick embryos
Prenatal and long-term exposure after sexual maturity to ethinyl estradiol cause adenomyosis in mice
Effects of minoxyzil (MXZ) on cultured rat embryos
Effects of zisopiramide (ZPM) on cultured rat embryos
Effects of in utero exposure to Bisphenol-A on expression of mandiblar condyle anomalies in mice
Induced developmental effects in early chick embryos
Effects of valproic acid on occurrence of supernumerary ribs in mouse and rat fetuses
Elongation of gestation period induced with N, N'-diphenyl-p-phenylenediamine (DPPD)
Does maternal immune activation by virus infection negatively affect fetal brain neuronal development?
Roles of neurotrophin 3 in myelination in the mouse brain during the lactation period
Sex difference in the neural tube defect manifestation induced by Ochratoxin A in the genetic polydactyly/arhinencephaly mouse
Influence of maternal ethanol intake on the expression of conditioned and unconditioned fear in rat offspring
Behavior disorder induced by prenatal exposure to cytosine arabinoside in mice
Development of the calcarine sulcus is correlated with morphological maturation of the lateral ventricle in the developing cerebrums of cynomolgus monkey fetuses
Development of offspring brain in a rat valproate-induced autism model
Valproic acid disrupts the planar cell polarity at the closure of the neural tube in mouse embryos
Prenatal exposure to low-dose bisphenolA affects the corticogenesis of the cerebral cortex in mice
Alteration of sex-correlated gene-expression in the NTD embryos induced by ochratoxin A in the genetic polydactyly/arhinencephaly mouse, Pdn/Pdn
The maintenance effect of leptin on immature neural lineage cells originating from the mouse embryonic cerebral cortex
Characterization of dopamine D2-like receptor mediated abnormal facilitation of synaptic transmission in the hippocampal slices of developmentally thyroid hormone-deficient rats
Immunohistochemical observation of the longevity gene product SIRT1 in the developing mouse nervous system
Histological observation of neonatal brain in a rat prenatal 5-bromo-2′-deoxyuridine-induced developmental disorder model
An approach for decrease of β-amyloid deposits in neuron
The risk of damage, lethality and cardiovascular system syndrome following atomic bomb environmental stress exposure
Chick embryotoxicity of a 60 kHz magnetic field, 7-day exposure
Effect of embryonic hypoxia on maxillofacial morphogenesis
Comparison of Teratogenic Potency of Hyperthermia between Wistar Hannover and SD Rats
Maternal deprivation in early postnatal life causes fluctuation in the level of cerebellar neurotrophin ligands and their receptors in later life
Morphometric liver analysis during human embryonic period
Three-dimensional virtual human embryos using MR imaging
Construction and application of human congenital anomaly database
Morphometric analysis of neural tubes during human embryonic period
Phenotype analysis in various laboratory animals using EFIC micro-imaging
Qualitative and quantitative analyses of sulcal development of the developing cerebrum of cynomolgus monkey fetuses
Sexual difference in gross anatomical cerebral laterality in adult cynomolgus monkeys
Postnatal development of primary sulcal length in cynomolgus monkeys
Mandibular morphogenesis by 3-D study & mathematical analysis of its fetal and neonatal development