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Proposal for supplemental intake of folic acid to reduce the risk of neural tube defects
Novel homozygous sequence variants in the GDF5 gene underlie acromesomelic dysplasia type‐grebe in consanguineous families
Magnetic resonance imaging based correlation analysis between calcarine sulcus development and isolated fetal ventriculomegaly
Locus on chromosome 16 is significantly associated with increased tendency to lose pups in females of the RR/Sgn inbred mouse strain
Miller‐Dieker Syndrome with unbalanced translocation 45, X, psu dic(17;Y)(p13;p11.32) detected by fluorescence in situ hybridization and G‐banding analysis using high resolution banding technique
Late‐presenting congenital diaphragmatic hernia in a child with TMEM70 deficiency
Discordant ventriculo‐arterial connections, or “transposition”, are not necessarily an essential part of isomerism