Hyper Designing: An Instructional Design Model Applied to the Development of a HyperCard Computer Assisted Instruction on Intramuscular Injection Sites

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As more instructional software is designed by faculty, it becomes increasingly important, as well as time efficient, that faculty approach development of software from an instructional design perspective. Today, faculty can select among emerging technologies, and the future will undoubtedly present even more options. Educators who want to design their own computer assisted instruction (CAI) programs are frequently left to their own devices for instructional design. Instructional design models can provide helpful guidelines for selection and development of relevant programs.

This article outlines the development of a faculty-designed software program using the Seels and Glasgow model of instructional design. The Seels and Glasgow model employs the essential components of analysis, design, development, implementation, evaluation, and diffusion with iterative intermediary steps.

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