Conservation Biology for the Biodiversity Crisis
Outreach and Partnership Programs for Conservation Education Where Endangered Species Conservation and Research Occur
Emerging Issues in Population Viability Analysis
Adaptive Management in Habitat Conservation Plans
Freshwater Protected Areas: Strategies for Conservation
Ecoregions in Context: a Critique with Special Reference to Indonesia
Planning to Save a Species: the Jaguar as a Model
The Late Prehistoric–Early Historic Game Sink in the Northwestern United States
Spatial Factors and Stochasticity in the Evaluation of Sustainable Hunting of Tapirs
Effects of Roads and Human Disturbance on Amur Tigers
Variation among Individuals and Reduced Demographic Stochasticity
Extinction and Spatial Structure in Simulation Models
Relationship of Effective to Census Size in Fluctuating Populations
Effects of Dry Tropical Forest Fragmentation on the Reproductive Success and Genetic Structure of the Tree Samanea saman
Conservation Genetics, Extinction, and Taxonomic Status: a Case History of the Regal Fritillary
Searching for a Predictive Model for Species Richness of Iberian Dung Beetle Based on Spatial and Environmental Variables
Quality of Agroecological Matrix in a Tropical Montane Landscape: Ants in Coffee Plantations in Southern Mexico
Local and Landscape-Scale Predictors of Salamander Abundance in New Hampshire Headwater Streams
Using the Phenology of Pond-Breeding Amphibians to Develop Conservation Strategies
Spatial Patterns in the Abundance of the Coastal Horned Lizard
Buffer-Zone Distances to Protect Foraging and Loafing Waterbirds from Disturbance by Personal Watercraft and Outboard-Powered Boats
Avian Responses to Late-Season Grazing in a Shrub-Willow Floodplain
Bushmeat Exploitation in Tropical Forests: an Intercontinental Comparison
Ecoregions in Ascendance: Reply to Jepson and Whittaker
Game Parks before and after Lewis and Clark: Reply to Lyman and Wolverton
Quantifying Biodiversity: a Phylogenetic Perspective
Use of Indicator Species to Assess Forest Continuity: a Critique
Precision of Population Viability Analysis
Critiques of PVA Ask the Wrong Questions: Throwing the Heuristic Baby Out with the Numerical Bath Water
Conservation of Biodiversity in a Changing Climate
Bridging the Gap between Private Landowners and Conservationists
Coming of Age in Forest Conservation
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Compute and Conserve
Ecology for the Strong, the Weak, and the Connoisseur
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Diversity in the Desert