Taking Conservation Biology to New Levels in Environmental Decision-Making
Spirituality and Sustainability
Spirituality and Sustainability
Diversity Deep and Wild
Elephant in the Room
Resistance and Resilience to Coral Bleaching: Implications for Coral Reef Conservation and Management
Science and Management in a Conservation Crisis: a Case Study with Rhinoceros
Hotspots of Insect Diversity in Boreal Forests
Reliability of Relative Predictions in Population Viability Analysis
Invasion of Exotic Plant Species in Tallgrass Prairie Fragments
Recovery of Native Earthworms in Abandoned Tropical Pastures
Translocation Causes Extinction of a Local Population of the Freshwater Shrimp Paratya australiensis
Death and Taxes: the Case of the Depletion of Pearl Oyster Beds in Sixteenth-Century Venezuela
Colonization and Connectivity of Habitat Patches for Coastal Marine Species Distant from Source Populations
Importance of Habitat Area and Landscape Context for Species Richness of Bees and Wasps in Fragmented Orchard Meadows
Spatial Variation in Species Diversity and Composition of Forest Lepidoptera in Eastern Deciduous Forests of North America
Limestone Quarries as Refuges for European Xerophilous Butterflies
Combining Inferences from Models of Capture Efficiency, Detectability, and Suitable Habitat to Classify Landscapes for Conservation of Threatened Bull Trout
Ecological Traits Predicting Amphibian Population Declines in Central America
The Impact of Turtle Excluder Devices and Fisheries Closures on Loggerhead and Kemp's Ridley Strandings in the Western Gulf of Mexico
Conserving Manatees: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Intentions of Boaters in Tampa Bay, Florida
Wildlife Survival Beyond Park Boundaries: the Impact of Slash-and-Burn Agriculture and Hunting on Mammals in Tambopata, Peru
Demographic Assessment of a Marbled Murrelet Population from Capture-Recapture Data
Effects of Exotic Habitat on Nesting Success, Territory Density, and Settlement Patterns in the Blackcap ( Sylvia atricapilla )
European Starlings and Their Effect on Native Cavity-Nesting Birds
Nest Predation and Population Declines in Illinois Songbirds: a Case for Mesopredator Effects
Comparative Permeability of Roads, Rivers, and Meadows to Songbirds in Banff National Park
Using Ecological-Niche Modeling to Predict Barred Owl Invasions with Implications for Spotted Owl Conservation
Variation among Individuals, Demographic Stochasticity, and Extinction: Response to Kendall and Fox
Unstructured Individual Variation and Demographic Stochasticity
Chilean Aquaculture Boom Is Based on Exotic Salmon Resources: a Conservation Paradox
Closing the Gulf between Botanists and Conservationists
How Taxonomists Can Bridge the Gap Between Taxonomy and Conservation Science
Book Reviews
Bio(graphical) Diversity
The End of the Grazing Debate
Culture, Ecology, and Policy in the Old and New West
Individual Greed and Public Goods
Where the Wild Things Are
Homage Due
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