Dangers of Sensationalizing Conservation Biology
Biases in Legal Listing under Canadian Endangered Species Legislation
Long-Term Ecosystem Dynamics in the Serengeti
Modeling the Effects of Trophy Selection and Environmental Disturbance on a Simulated Population of African Lions
Relating Long-Term Studies to Conservation Practice
The Conservation Relevance of Epidemiological Research into Carnivore Viral Diseases in the Serengeti
The Contribution of Long-Term Research at Gombe National Park to Chimpanzee Conservation
Assessment of Effectiveness of Protection Strategies in Tanzania Based on a Decade of Survey Data for Large Herbivores
The Role of Research in Evaluating Conservation Strategies in Tanzania
How Broad-Scale Studies of Patterns and Processes Can Serve to Guide Conservation Planning in Africa
Greenhouse Gases as Clues to Permanence of Farmlands
Planning for Long, Wide Conservation Corridors on Private Lands in the Oak Ridges Moraine, Ontario, Canada
National Threatened Species Listing Based on IUCN Criteria and Regional Guidelines
Population Adaptive Index
Conservation Easements
Establishing Causes of Eradication Failure Based on Genetics
Improving the Performance of Indicator Groups for the Identification of Important Areas for Species Conservation
Functional Homogenization Effect of Urbanization on Bird Communities
Predicting Bird Species Distributions in Reconstructed Landscapes
Impact of Forestry Practices on Fitness Correlates and Population Productivity in an Open-Nesting Bird Species
The Value of Primary, Secondary, and Plantation Forests for a Neotropical Herpetofauna
A Resistant-Kernel Model of Connectivity for Amphibians that Breed in Vernal Pools
Forecasting the Expansion of Zebra Mussels in the United States
Threatened Peripheral Populations in Context
Susceptibility of Common and Rare Plant Species to the Genetic Consequences of Habitat Fragmentation
Genetic Rescue in an Isolated Metapopulation of a Naturally Fragmented Plant Species, Parnassia palustris
Urban Plants as Genetic Reservoirs or Threats to the Integrity of Bushland Plant Populations
Limitations of Biodiversity Databases
Evaluation of Central North American Prairie Management Based on Species Diversity, Life Form, and Individual Species Metrics
Cultural Erosion and Biodiversity
Trophy Hunting and Conservation in Africa
Hunting for Consensus
Protagonists of Healthy Ecosystems
Split Decision
Helping to Create a Pathway to Better Conservation
Finding Your Ecosystem Episteme
Don't Leave Home Without It
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