Conservation and the Microbiome
Internalizing Conservation through Our Own Microbes
Considering Extinction of Dependent Species during Translocation, Ex Situ Conservation, and Assisted Migration of Threatened Hosts
Effect of Stage-Specific Vital Rates on Population Growth Rates and Effective Population Sizes in an Endangered Iteroparous Plant
Feedbacks between Conservation and Social-Ecological Systems
Meta-Analysis of Susceptibility of Woody Plants to Loss of Genetic Diversity through Habitat Fragmentation
Effects of Matrix Characteristics and Interpatch Distance on Functional Connectivity in Fragmented Temperate Rainforests
Ecological Metrics of Biomass Removed by Three Methods of Purse-Seine Fishing for Tunas in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean
Defining Trade-Offs among Conservation, Profitability, and Food Security in the California Current Bottom-Trawl Fishery
The Roles of Climate, Phylogenetic Relatedness, Introduction Effort, and Reproductive Traits in the Establishment of Non-Native Reptiles and Amphibians
Northward Shifts of the Distributions of Spanish Reptiles in Association with Climate Change
Influence of Habitat Quality, Population Size, Patch Size, and Connectivity on Patch-Occupancy Dynamics of the Middle Spotted Woodpecker
Effects of Connectivity and Spatial Resolution of Analyses on Conservation Prioritization across Large Extents
Species, Functional Groups, and Thresholds in Ecological Resilience
Challenges to Interdisciplinary Research in Ecosystem-Based Management
The Interaction between Seaweed Farming as an Alternative Occupation and Fisher Numbers in the Central Philippines
Correlates of Bushmeat Hunting among Remote Rural Households in Gabon, Central Africa
Stakeholder Participation in Management of Invasive Vertebrates
Metacommunity Dynamics Over 16 Years in a Pyrogenic Shrubland
Use of DNA Barcoding to Reveal Species Composition of Convenience Seafood
One Fish or Two Fish, Red Fish or Blue Fish
A Look at the Future of Food Production
Seeing People in Conservation
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