Recall, retention, and Ritalin
Changes in parent consequences as a function of family intervention
Clinical comparison of Black and White suicide attempters
Role of physical attractiveness in peer attribution of psychological disturbance
Differential responses to male and female depressive reactions
Brief family intervention
Premorbid psychometric indicators of the gene for Huntington's disease
Recoverability of psychological functioning following alcohol abuse
Outcome effects of eclectic interpersonal-learning-based group psychotherapy with college student neurotics
Discomforting talk and speech disruptions
Validity of the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Battery in a mixed psychiatric and brain-injured population
Extinction versus credibility in the desensitization of speech anxiety
Social insecurity and coronary-prone Type A responses as identifiers of severe atherosclerosis
Rapid smoking and self-control in the modification of smoking behavior
Increasing the accuracy of self-recording in speech-anxious undergraduates through the use of self-monitoring training and reliability enhancement procedures
Comparison of the clinical utility of the MMPI basic scales and specific MMPI state-trait scales
Comparative effectiveness of voluntary heart rate control and muscular relaxation as active coping skills for reducing speech anxiety
New formulations of sex roles and androgyny
When self-regulation fails
MMPI content scales
Self-advocacy and self-esteem
Disclosure flexibility and social-situational perceptions
Patterns of appropriate and deviant sexual arousal
Video editing and medication to produce a therapeutic self-model
Should short-form validity coefficients be corrected?
Comment on Kaufman's “Should Short-Form Validity Coefficients be Corrected?”
Comment on “Socially reinforced obsessing
Socially Reinforced Obsessing
Religion and psychotherapy
Use of the behavior problem checklist with psychotic adolescents
Myklebust's cognitive structure hypothesis for 91 dyslexic students of Delft University of Technology
Detrimental effects of a self-reward contracting program on subjects' involvement in self-administered desensitization
How well does number of parents explain unique variance in self-reported drug use?
Preschool attainment record as a measure of developmental skills
Socially undesirable sex-correlated characteristics
Violent behavior and differential Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children characteristics
A two-year follow-up on systematic desensitization with data pertaining to the external validity of laboratory fear assessment
Irrational beliefs in depression
Reliability of a personality test for narcotic addicts in treatment
Sex differences in perceived accuracy of falsified personality inventory feedback
Styles of clinical supervision in community mental health programs
Contribution of pretesting to several measures of semantic desensitization effectiveness
Concerning the evidence for a general factor in the Internal-External Control Scale
Modified induced anxiety
Comparison of relaxation as self-control and systematic desensitization in the treatment of test anxiety
Eating behavior of overweight and nonoverweight persons in the natural environment
Assessment of depressive affect in clinical practice
Relationship of stressful life events to social interest, locus of control, and psychological adjustment
Linguistic immediacy of schizophrenics in different proxemic conditions